Pixy and Treant



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    Pixy and Treant

    Post  AnonymousDeveloper on 7th September 2015, 22:02


    Pixys and Treants do not attack red players.

    Bloody Pixys do attack them.

    Difference: Bloody Pixys are L2Guards, Pixys and Treants are L2FriendlyMobs.

    I am not sure what a L2FriendlyMob exactly is.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Pixy and Treant

    Post  DnR on 8th September 2015, 17:45

    Friendly monsters are those who do not attack characters unless they're chaotic.
    Bloody Pixy should not be L2Guard, because she might be able to attack other monsters, like guards do.
    The problem was that pixies and treants had no aggro in database.
    I set their aggro to be the same with Bloody Pixy's and corrected Bloody Pixy's type to L2FriendlyMob.
    Thanks for reporting.

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