BUG TELEPORT (antharas nest)



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    BUG TELEPORT (antharas nest)

    Post  kallone on 29th July 2014, 20:05

    When you teleport to Antharas nest, of a weird bug when I come I come back to Antharas nest giran disappears and all NPCs in town!

    Follow the video below!

    Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyE4EEnyGp0&feature=youtu.be


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    Re: BUG TELEPORT (antharas nest)

    Post  DnR on 29th July 2014, 20:50

    NOT a bug. In retail, you can only teleport to Antharas nest only by using quest item.
    In order to disable this protection, you have to add this line in zone.xml.


            <zone id="12006" type="BossZone" shape="Cuboid" minZ="-8320" maxZ="-4870">
                    <stat name="name" val="Lair of Antharas"/>
    +               <stat name="EnabledByDefault" val="False"/>
                    <stat name="InvadeTime" val="1800000"/>

    Do the same for the rest of boss zones.

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