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    Patch for L2jLivus 1



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    Patch for L2jLivus 1

    Post  BossForever on 18th October 2013, 04:09

    Hello, I know the L2jLivus for a while, always followed the review.I made a Patch for L2jLivus, were 2 days doing this patch.I can't test it because I don't have C4 client. Were made some fix, organizations at the Core, various clean ups across multiple files, Success.

    Summons Fixes
    Buy the set Fisherman
    Fixed friendlist? Update after adding a Friend
    Fixed bug with blessed scroll ch/castle (like L2OFF)
    Fix Player Drop Item
    Restrition enzyme deposit in Warehouse Dead
    Jail Telnet Command Fix
    Olympiad Save Task Fixed
    Organized folder lib
    Fixed cannot Equip/Unequip? How are with Stun/Sleep.
    ShortCuts Fixed.
    Fixed NewbieTutorial now it works
    New restrictions to escape
    PetInfo Packet Fixed
    Removed several Warnings around 2500

    Put the patch for download, because it contains 11.2 MB.


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    Re: Patch for L2jLivus 1

    Post  Karakan on 18th October 2013, 19:21

    Each fixes seperated to diff files would be better.

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