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    L2JGeo Premium Geodata



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    L2JGeo Premium Geodata

    Post  Maneco2 on 4th June 2016, 02:15

    I'm starting to make a project geodata files.
    Any bug in geodata files C4 you have, please create issue. Updates made are the best that any Geo file found on the web free.  Rolling Eyes
    All that is done is tested in game.
    Exclamation I'm violating any forum rule, please write me.

    • Before you report any Bug make sure that you are using C4 Client and also our Geofile!
    • Select C4 branch!
    • L2J not need pathnode.

    • Bitbucket

    Geodata properties:

    # =================================================================
    # GeoData & PathNode
    # =================================================================

    # GeoData options:
    # 0 = GeoData and PathFinding OFF (default)
    # 1 = GeoData used to check Line Of Sight (LOS) targetting and
    #     L2Playable movement. You need to download files for data/geodata folder.
    #     Monsters can pass walls but not aggro through them.
    # 2 = Full GeoData enabled. Includes PathFinding (requires also /data/pathnode
    #     files if CellPathFinding not enabled) and all character moves go through
    #     geodata checks (if a mob passes a wall, pathfinding didn't find a route
    #     but we allow attack and returning home).
    #     Recommended server memory minimum 2 GB, rather 3 GB.
    GeoData = 2

    # Cell-level pathfinding, produces more accurate routes but is (maybe 10x)
    # heavier to calculate. Recommended for small servers at least. If False,
    # pathnode files are used. Uses a max nr of nodes in calculation which can
    # be adjusted in the algorithm if it needs to be faster.
    CellPathFinding = True

    # This is setting of Client <--> Server Player coordinates synchronization,
    #  -1 - Will synchronize only Z from Client --> Server. Default when no geodata.
    #   1 - Synchronization Client --> Server only. Using this option (without geodata) it is more difficult for players to bypass obstacles
    #   2 - Intended for geodata (at least when cell-level pathfinding, otherwise can try -1 also)!
    #       Server sends validation packet if client goes too far from server calculated coordinates.
    CoordSynchronize = 2


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    Re: L2JGeo Premium Geodata

    Post  Maneco2 on 30th August 2016, 06:10

    We moved our repositories to BitBucket!
    https://bitbucket.org/l2jgeo/ Smile

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